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Having confidence in your appearance ...
That’s what feeling beautiful is all about.

Board-Certified plastic surgeon Peter L. Sarkos, M.D. is an extensively trained physician specializing in cosmetic procedures to enhance the natural beauty that we each possess. Please take the time to navigate through the site and watch our short video to learn more about the procedures we offer and our team approach to helping each patient set up their goals and customized plan to meet their personal needs.

Comprehensive Services with Individualized Care
The way you see yourself is more important than the way other people see you. At ValleyCare Medical Group of Ohio's Sarkos Plastic Surgery, our team of healthcare professionals offers comprehensive cosmetic procedures for face, body and breast. We also offer specialized skin care treatments for enhanced cosmetic results. Our full services include Facial, Body and Breast procedures, and Skin Care.

Through innovative training at The University of Texas Health Science Center in Houston, a nationally recognized academic medical center in the UT System, Dr. Sarkos is an accomplished physician focused on providing high quality cosmetic and reconstructive procedures that can lead to improved patient outcomes.

Watch video to see Dr. Sarkos discuss his practice philosophy.

Facial Enhancement Options
Experienced plastic surgeon Dr. Sarkos is able to offer a variety of facial procedures at Sarkos Plastic Surgery for a more youthful and energetic appearance. Through extensive experience with discreet enhancements through brow lift, eyelid surgery, face lift, chin surgery, ear or nose surgery or lip augmentation, Dr. Sarkos can perform individual or comprehensive facial enhancements.

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Breast Aesthetics
Comprehensive breast procedures are available at Sarkos Plastic Surgery. Skilled cosmetic surgeon Dr. Peter Sarkos is extensively experienced in complete breast surgical services including breast reduction, breast augmentation, breast lifts, reconstruction or male breast reduction surgery. Dr. Sarkos competently performs these breast surgical procedures to discreetly enhance or restructure breasts for a natural and enhanced appearance.

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Skilled Cosmetic Procedures for Body Enhancements
Dr. Peter L. Sarkos has extensive experience in advanced cosmetic techniques for body procedures, including tummy tuck, liposuction, body lift or upper arm reduction. His specialized training and focus on personalized care helps each patient achieve personal goals and optimum results.

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Laser Rejuvenation
At Sarkos Plastic Surgery, we are proud to offer our patients sophisticated laser skin treatments to safely rejuvenate the skin by treating:

  • - Skin laxity
  • - Wrinkles
  • - Pore size
  • - Blemishes
  • - Pigmentation irregularities

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Laser Rejuvenation

Latest Skin Care
Our team of skin care specialists at Sarkos Plastic Surgery offers a variety of the latest skin care services, including Skin Media grade skin care line, Sciton Laser rejuvenation, Botox®, Radiesse, Belotero, Voluma, Juvederm and chemical peels. These specialty services are able to noticeably improve your skin's appearance.

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Male Procedures
It is becoming more popular for men to have plastic surgery as a means to feel better about themselves by looking their personal best. Whether they are just starting to see some signs of aging or are self-conscious about a particular aspect of their face or body, Dr. Sarkos offers cosmetic surgery options geared for men ranging from simple skincare to injectables to cosmetic surgery.

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Welcome to ValleyCare Medical Group of Ohio’s Sarkos Plastic Surgery

If you’re considering an image-enhancing treatment, you can trust board-certified plastic surgeon Peter Sarkos, M.D. and his team at Sarkos Plastic Surgery, which is affiliated with ValleyCare Health System of Ohio.

As a suburb of Warren, we see patients throughout NE Ohio and the western Pennsylvania region at our convenient location in Cortland, OH. To schedule a consultation or learn more, call (330) 841-1188.


Elm Road Medical Park
2662 Elm Road
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(330) 841-1188


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